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Pricing and Cutting Suggestions
What does it Cost?
Included in the price will be all processing charges, which includes cutting to your specifications, cryovac wrapping and freezing of your order. The calculated price will be figured on the total individual package weights.


Below are examples of a typical whole order and a typical half order:

Whole Beef
Estimated Cost - $2100 to $3000
Estimated Yield - 280 pounds to 400 pounds

Half Beef
Estimated Cost - $1025 to $1500
Estimated Yield - 135 pounds to 200 pounds

Whole Lamb
Estimated Cost - $290 to $425
Estimated Yield - 35 pounds to 50 pounds

The actual costs and weights depend on animal size and customer requests. Orders are not available at all times, only during harvest dates.

Freezer Space:

The beef or lamb is processed to your specifications so as to accommodate your needs and family size. A typical half order of beef would take about 8 to 10 cubic feet of freezer space once it has been cut and wrapped.

Delivery Arrangements:

We provide delivery to central locations in your area.
Cutting Suggestions for beef
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Cutting Suggestions for lamb
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